paris hilton part:1

A tipsy Paris Hilton not only caused tongues to wag at Prive (Las Vegas)  when she trounced in to party-hearty the other evening, but triggered a debate at a Clark County Commissioners hearing here in the desert oasis Tuesday last.

Did the sexy heiress fuel up before she sauntered into the eclectic (but "dry") hot-spot?

Who knows, the sexy seductress may have been packing a flask in her garter-belt with an emergency stash of spiked tonic water to satiate emergency cravings?

In Sin City?

Paris - er - perish the thought!

No matter.

The negative publicity didn't bode too well for the Planet Hollywood owners - the Miami-based Opium Group - when they appeared before the liquor-license-Gods with empty bottles in-hand.

Planet Hollywood was recently fined $500,000.00 for failing to monitor guests at the trendy watering hole - and likewise - exhibiting a lack of professional responsibility for serving a handful of thirsty-patrons already visibly intoxicated beyond acceptable levels in a civilized social setting.

An attorney for the Hotel acknowledged that his clients were fully aware of the intrinsic problems prone to arise when running a high-profile Nightclub frequented by the jet-setting elite.

"When your clientele includes Hilton and other known celebrities, it comes with the territory," he summed up.

If  he was hoping for a reprieve, it wasn't forthcoming.

Although the Board was in a position to grant a ninety-day temporary license for Prive, the matter was held over for further review until October.